iOS Shortcut for Apollo 3D Scan Techs

Normal Camera Settings
By default, the iPhone takes photos in a high efficiency HEIC format which allow you to apply effects and edit the photos but also allows you to revert back to the original at any time. The HEIC format also takes up less space than a JPG, but sharing HEIC with others is often a problem.

Sharing HEIC Photos
The iPhone does a good job at converting HEIC photos to JPG formats when sending them through text messages or uploading them to social apps, but it doesn't reformat photos when using Cloud Storage like Google Drive or OneDrive.

My Own Workflow
There are a bunch of settings that I change on my iPhone when I start my Apollo work each day. Instead of changing all the setting manually in the morning and then back again each night, I created Apple Shortcuts for my iPad and iPhone to make my workflow easier.

For Your Workflow
I'm sharing the Shortcuts that switch my iPhone camera settings into "Most Compatible" and back to "High Efficiency" to help everyone else remember that this should be part of our workflow.

On iOS 16 you can switch these settings yourself by going to:
Settings > Camera > Formats

Download the Shortcuts
You should be able to tap the links below to load my Shortcuts right to your iPhone. Then just add them as app icons to your iPhone Home screen for easy access.

High Efficiency Shortcut

Most Compatible Shortcut