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Byline: Matthew Perosi is an internet marketing consultant and educator for retail businesses, with a very specific focus in the luxury jewelry industry. After more than 600 website programmer and analyzed, Matthew's insights of internet usability are both simple and shockingly obvious. One major project of note is IJODiamonds.com, which was written about in the New York Time and INSTORE Magazine. Mobile technology is Matthew's old friend, having designed a 2-way text messaging capability using alpha pagers in 2001 with the website NJ-Singles.com
Most of Matt's knowledge is disseminated in easy bite sized chunks through his education company located at www.jwag.biz.

Short BIO: Matthew Perosi begin his internet journey in 1988 and started web programming in 1994. Matt is a succeeding entrepreneur, internet and mobile marketing consultant, educator, and always a web developer. He is the creator of the Junior Jewelry CMS system, the only dedicated CMS for the jewelry industry that also includes high level SEO features. Matt offers innovative solutions for both business and the internet and he's knowledge is aggregated not only from his success and failures, but also from every client he ever worked with.

Broadcast BIO: Can you speak in 140 or less? Do you know how to bump a check-in with your friends? Can you find the best place to eat within 500 meters of you? Are you a business owner that needs to tap into that 140 crowd? Do you want to increase sales by inviting bumping in your store? Are you willing to ethically bribe someone with as much as a dollar just so you can sell $10? Today we have Internet and Mobile Marketing Specialist Matthew Perosi with us. Matthew is the founder of an internet marketing research organization for the retail jewelry industry, but even though he primarily speaks to rooms filled with retail jewelers, his techniques are viable for all types of businesses. Welcome, Matthew! How can businesses keep up with these mobile marketing ideas when it seems every day there is a new cell phone on the market?

Full Bio: Matthew Perosi is a highly sought after internet marketing consultant and speaker for the jewelry industry. His popularity comes from the fact that he figured out how to pool various research data and develop an advertising model for the jewelry industry. The tools Matt uses are freely available, the research techniques are constant and data is surprising. Creating human interactions and interest through mobile and internet marketing is his specialty. Most of the techniques are freely available too. The key is social, and your time.

Matthew Perosi is an authority on internet technologies, web server deployment, network traffic monitoring, website usability and internet marketing. He's also well versed in mobile marketing where his first hand experience started in January 2001 when he launched the New Jersey Singles website. Matt is also a speaker and trainer and has personally developed and programmed more than 600 websites, as well as two of his own content management systems. His marketing campaigns, training courses and daily educational emails are delivered to hundreds of regular subscribers.

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